Document Scanning/Imaging

Imagine boxes upon boxes of data consuming your valuable office space. Searching for files is difficult, and records can easily be misplaced. Other information is only retained for legal purposes. This is a dilemma many organizations encounter.

Datastor’s imaging services are the solution to this problem. At Datastor, we customize the scanning and indexing of your data to fit your individual needs and budget. Simply put, our customers get the file format they need to quickly access their information. Utilizing our imaging services eliminates misplaced files, ensures legal compliance, and dramatically reduces your paper file volume.

Datastor’s imaging services can:
• Scan and store thousands of important documents onto CD & DVD
• Convert film to an electronic image
• Combine computer and paper data on the same electronic file
• Convert business records into archival quality microfilm
• Convert microfilm records to a digital format
• Scan documents to PDF