Data and Document Storage

What would you do if all of your important files were lost in a storm, fire, flood, or other disaster? Damaged or missing documents pose a critical expense and a legal nightmare.

Datastor provides storage solutions and disaster recovery plans for organizations of all types and sizes. With data warehousing, we pick up, scan, and store your records in our secure environment. You can easily and conveniently access the data via a secure web link.

With a professional, confidential approach, we keep your data organized and ensure your documents are within reach.

Vital Records Storage

Your organization's information is its most valuable asset. At Datastor, we can help protect your vital records from fire, deterioration, and theft.

We offer secured offsite storage for your micrographic, magnetic, and optical media. Our facility offers a 1301 Halon protected vault, and provides advanced protection as well as a climate controlled environment. In addition to being secure, your vital records are also easily accessible. Datastor offers a variety of services to assist with storage and retrieval, including pickup and delivery in the Lincoln and Omaha areas.

With Datastor's vital records storage solutions, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that critical records are safe, secure, and available when you need them.