Datastor Partners With Schools To Digitize Yearbooks

In 2012 Datastor began partnering with high schools and universities in the midwest region to digitize their yearbooks. 

Datastor offers non-destructive scanning services to scan and preserve the... Read More

Datastor Changes Ownership

On July 1, 2013, as a result of a change of ownership, Datastor, Inc.  became a sister company to Superior Data Storage, Inc.  The close relationship of the two companies provides our joint customers access to... Read More

State of ECM

Enterprise Content Management is at something of a tipping point. Driven by the need to control the content chaos that pervades local drives, file shares, email systems, and legacy document stores, organizations large... Read More

Records Management - Who is Responsible

Records management has gained increasing prominence over the past few years. From high-profile court cases, to new legislation and regulations, it has been dragged blinking from the archive basement where it... Read More

Go Green with ECM

All organizations manage large amounts of content. Whether it exists in paper, electronic or other formats, it is an essential part of every business or governmental body. This content is created, received, stored,... Read More

Still Playing Catch Up with Paper?

Electronic Records Management (ERM) was originally developed as a stand-alone application, frequently managing physical items as well as electronic documents. It has subsequently become one of the key elements of any... Read More

ECM - Capture and ROI

To manage any form of content, you first have to capture it. Capture by itself will not produce any cost savings. The savings come from the process benefits and opportunities that flow once a document is freed from its... Read More